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A goldfinch lends a unique perspective.  With the help of her talented sister-in-law, Lee-Ann Paasch, she is able to impart true-to-life watercolor pictures which depict the flavor of Iowa and show the reader that Iowa is so much more than pigs and tall corn.

This Illinois cardinal is named Timothy who will fly you over the fantastic sights of Illinois, the "Land of Lincoln".  All corners of this great state are visited and you will sincerely enjoy the vibrant art work of Inez Metzger. 

Join Ronnie Lee, the cactus wren who will fly you over the mountains, canyons and lakes of Arizona.  Co-author, Joyce Paasch, along with Sharon, take you on a jouney through this magnificent state.  

Bucky, the cardinal from Ohio, lends a unique and interesting perspective of Ohio.  May all who read Ohio From the Sky know that Ohio is a wonderful blend of culture, values, tradition and educational opportunities!

This inspiring book tells children about our beautiful country through the eyes of our national bird, the bald eagle.  The eagle is aptly named Liberty, who will take your child over scenes such as Washington D.C., Myrtle Beach, Hollywood, Hawaii and even Alaska!

​By Sharon Rexroth

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From The Sky Books

It's a book that should be on every family's coffee table near the Christmas tree and be read during Christmas celebrations.  Bethlehem From the Sky will bring your family together to hear the greatest story ever told.  It's a gift that not only teaches God's Word but also captures the real meaning of Christmas!